Most vechain applications implement connex (opens in a new tab) that automatically uses Sync2 as Application when a user action is required:

  1. GitHub: (opens in a new tab)
  2. Website: (opens in a new tab)

First contact

If Sync2 is not installed, it will show a small banner at the bottom of the website:

The Install button will link to the download page of the Sync2 application. Sync2-lite is a web-application with all user related information stored on the users machine only.


Sync2-lite is the official web-application at (opens in a new tab)

During the fist visit it will ask to confirm that it might be unstable and a disclaimer, both need to be acknowledged:


A locally installed Sync2 application is identical to the web application of Sync2-lite ( (opens in a new tab)). Setup and usage is identical.

A password protects all interactions. Each transaction or signing action requires a password. Set the wallet password next and the wallet is generated right afterwards.


The private key can be backed up as a word-phrase (also known as memnonic phrase or seed phrase (opens in a new tab)). It is required to restore access to the generated identity and the wallet.

TestNet vs. MainNet

Identities in Sync2 are linked to a Main- or Test Network. To use the same identity on the Test Network it needs to be added again.

Identities can be imported or new ones generated

Switch Identities

Wallets and identities can be switched with the left menu. If the wallet is linked to the Test Network, it will show an information (red, top right).


You can now interact with dApps. Confirmation dialogs to identify or to sign transactions will open in Sync2.